About Me - dmillsphoto

        I've  had a passion for photography since a very young age. That being said, don't let my youth sway your thoughts on my experience. I was Published by National Geographic online in 2014 with a night-sky landscape shot taken in Utah. I have also won, and placed in numerous photo competitions, competing since just before my teens. I have been constantly improving and perfecting every element of my photo work for over the past ten years. Over this time I have also developed an unparalleled eye for capturing the moment; down to the angle, optics, lighting, and timing. That being said, I can (and do) make everyone look their absolute best. 

        In my free time I like to spend time outside in nature with my fiancée Brook. You can find us climbing, hiking, camping, long boarding or biking, and of course shooting wildlife and landscape photography. My passion for photography was first ignited by the incredible shots nature has to offer; From mountain sunset vistas, to starry nights in the desert or majestic wildlife in the meadows. By the time I had started high school I was shooting senior pictures and families for profit, and not long after that started contracting out to photo companies for things like head-shots, group pictures, composites, and sports photos, as well as event photography.

        All this being said, I think the combination of my artistic eye and charismatic character, as well as you (and your loved ones) could make for an exceptional set of photos. Feel free to send any and all Inquiries; So go ahead and hit the contact button, I'm looking forward to working with you!

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